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A scene from my upcoming Novel !!

I was recently hired.  I belonged to the village of Karghan. There was a single family member that was left to me in my whole life, Azim, my 2 year old son. Some memories last for years and some for lifetime, the bitter ones last longer and the disastrous ones are eternal. One night I was leaving my home to go over to my friends. I still remember the innocent, sweet-natured look of my wife, Sahar, standing in the door and with those benevolent eyes set on me the whole time, she said, “Dear! Please  take Azim with you for a few hours so I could freely tidy your rooms.” I said reluctantly, “All right, bring him over.” I allowed, frequently and willingly that between us she had to be dominating most of the time and certainly of all the positive traits any husband could have to secure lifetime love from his wife was the same trait I had and I knew she loved my for that. I took Azim and briskly walked towards the door and she called from behind, “Dear! Wont’ you say ba’bye?” I was not in …
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Coming Soon: Fiction Plots

Dear all,

I would soon upload a new book called Romantic Plots on Amazon.

Here are the titles:

Plot Titles for Romance: 1- A Secret and sweet memories 2- Richi’s customer 3- A False Alarm 4- A Death to Remember 5- She hates muscles 6- The poor Artist 7- An English Teacher 8- Lover’s Killer 9- The Gambler Fan 10- A Viral Heartbreak  11- The Newcomer 12- A soldier’s friend 13- Remember me forever 14- A Late Reply 15- Caught in Mountains 16- The Lost Gift 17- Retiring age 18- Choices of Destiny 19- Lucky Love
20- Life Sentence
Here is one sample Plot (draft): 
Title: A Secret and Sweet Memories      

Genre: Romance

Setting:  Small village in historical Europe, the town of Sogndal, Norway and in London.

Plot Summary: In 1988 the secret story of Aina revealed two hundred years later when her grandest daughter found papers locked in a metal box underground her old house. Twenty One year old Aina is raised in a catholic family. Due to religious constrictions she hardly meets strangers especially men. One day when…

Introduction to My Short Story Fiction: Lover For A Winter

“Since 1946-1955 I had been working as Editor in Chief for Exceptional Writers magazine (EW!) in Canada.It was in November 1946 that we launched a new project for the success of our business. The project was named “Post-World War II Best Photo Stories”. We interviewed thousands of potential journalists and photographers. We selected the best 200 among all the candidates. To my astonishment, there was a very young Journalist/photographer named Zubair Bakhtyar at the age of 20 whose self-belief was beyond the heights of Mount Everest. He was selected for the most difficult and brutal task anyone had imagined at that time. His job was to take photos and write true stories about the residents of Yakutsk city, Russia. The story that I would be relating to you is selectively taken from the letters that Zubair mailed us from Russia.” – Khairuddin Ayubzai

I love to see you smile !

We all are humans and we love humans to smile. How do you live in peace if you take away the happiness of another fellow on earth? How do you love your children if you do not pay attention to all other children living in crisis? How do you eat peacefully if you know there are millions waiting for a loaf of bread that would never come. 
We can not change the world instantly as we know it but at least each one of us could become a role model for our children. At least we would not be accountable for our conscience. Our beloved prophet MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him) said 14 centuries ago: "Love also for others what you love for yourself". 
We are living in a completely different world where the quest for shelter is replaced with a luxury house, food with a beautiful car, a honest friend with a sexy girlfriend and more. However, considering all the above requirements of the new world order there are still many people who would become the happiest people on the planet if food and …

The difference between Books and Movies!

Books are lengthy but movies are short, is it really the vital difference??

Some say movies are more interesting than books, because you spend just under two hours to get the whole idea and move on to the next story (another movie), but with books you need to make a plan and spend hours sitting to finally understand the whole story.

Let's count the pros and cons of each one:

1- Books take time but movies don't.
2- Movies are visual and more interesting but books are not visual and gets boring sometimes.
3- Books dig deep and teach life lessons, well, movies run on surface and its ideas are not well received for long term.
4-Books are more inspirational than movies, because you spend too much time with it.

Considering the number of movies and books that you have watched or studied in your life, I am sure every one remembers books better than a lot of movies ( I mean the content not just the name). So, when was the last time you saw a great movie? I guess a very long time ago. N…

Staying out of USUAL!

Would you mind if I put a few questions? What would you do to keep yourself away from the usual business of your life? What change would you bring in your life to feel different than your previous days? Most of the people think if you change your usual lifestyle you would really become happier. However, most of the people do not take the necessary actions to shift from old to new. For instance, we including (me) go to office, work with papers, take directions, receive e-mails, ignore family, surf the web and talk politics as usual. Almost everyone of us thinks that changing this lifestyle would bring a new and fresh breath to your boring soul and almost none of us would dare to shorten office hours, give time to family, reduce unnecessary web surfing and etc. I believe the most destructive action in a usual life is the waste of time that has no positive effects on our future happiness. Even taking a weekend holiday has become a usual and habitual norm for many office goers. The mind…

Hard Life

Do you know when  life does become harder? It is when someone in his/her comfort zone tells you that life is really hard. I experienced it today and everyone would hear it once in life. Today I am passing through a rocky road of insecurity and heading towards the training camp in our city. The fact that life is more interesting than what general belief tells you lies in your own thoughts. Life became harder for me today when my office director said "please sit with the security guards in the un-armored vehicle so we would have more space in the vehicle protected by armor". I was not annoyed by the fact that there was an insecure situation on the road; rather I was struck by surprise that humans can be really indifferent towards the value of other human lives!So life can be hard due to the presence of such ideas caused by such people. You may ignore these ideas or accept them at your own peril.Hard life is different from a boring life due to the fact that having a difficult l…